American Airlines' newest overseas hub is Seattle

American and Alaska Airlines join forces in a westward push, with flights from Seattle to India and London.

By Businessweek , February 14 2020
American Airlines' newest overseas hub is Seattle

American Airlines  wants to establish Seattle as an international gateway for westward flights to India and other locations, with help from a reinvigorated partnership with Alaska Airlines.

Nonstop service will begin in October between Seattle and Bangalore, India, the most requested route by big corporate customers, the airlines said in a joint statement.

American expects to add more flights to India and Asia from Seattle, complementing service to the South Pacific and Europe from the company’s hub in Los Angeles.

The plans will extend American’s expansion of international service, including its first flights to Morocco and Krakow, Poland, and new flights to New Zealand later this year.

The initiative with Alaska Airlines fuels a fierce rivalry with Delta Air Lines, which built Seattle into a hub by more than doubling departures between 2014 and 2019.

“It makes a lot of sense for us to come together,” Vasu Raja, American’s senior vice president for network development, said in an interview. “Alaska supports American internationally, and American supports Alaska domestically.”

As many as 15% of American’s passengers between Heathrow and Dallas-Fort Worth International travel to India via connecting flights, he said. American and Alaska will be able to link 100 U.S. cities to Bangalore via a stop in Seattle.

The two airlines will let passengers earn and redeem frequent-flyer miles on one another, a program that had been set to expire March 1.

They also will restore a pared-down code-sharing program, which, pending regulatory review, allows the carriers to book passengers on each other’s domestic flights. The agreement will be expanded to international routes in the future.

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Looks like a good strategic move. Can definitely see the business connection between Bangalore ans Seattle. This news will provide further drive to the already talked about Brisbane to Seattle future route. Makes sense with a trifecta of OneWorld operatives out of Seattle.

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