Amsterdam Airport tests 'express lane' for those who travel light

By Bloomberg News, June 29 2017
Amsterdam Airport tests 'express lane' for those who travel light

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is looking to give travelers with little or no baggage speedier passage through security by letting them bypass checkpoints clogged with an increasing number of passengers loaded with carry-ons.

Beginning in July, the airport will start a trial to streamline processing for passengers with no more than a laptop case, small backpack or handbag, according to a statement on Wednesday.

Signs at security checkpoints will direct people to a separate entrance for “Small Bags Only,” with airport employees determining if the luggage is indeed suitable.

Airports have been stepping up efforts to ease the mounting inconveniences of travel. In addition to more stringent security controls, checks have become increasingly cumbersome as more and more people opt for hand baggage instead of checking luggage to avoid airline fees and waiting times at carousels. That strains resources, even for those who travel light.

In addition to the small-bag fast lanes, Schiphol is deploying an extra 350 to 400 staff to help handle an expected crush of 12.4 million passengers during the busy summer season. The airport has also recently added 12 more self-service passport gates, which allow travelers from the European Union to scan their own documents, bringing the total to 78.

"This trial will speed up the boarding process for passengers with little baggage, which in turn contributes to a smooth process at the airport,” Schiphol said.

"These days, due to costs and convenience, an increasing number of people are choosing to travel with hand baggage only – which leads to more work at security checkpoints.”

The test is scheduled to start July 1 at departure halls 1, 2 and 3, and will continue at peak hours during the summer. Following the trial, the airport will review the results.

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This is probably worthwhile for travellers to other Schengen countries or holders of EU passports who can get through passport control very quickly.  It is no value to other passport holders heading to non-Schengen countries.

I last departed from AMS in April and it was chaos.  Baggage inspection involved  queuing for 20 minutes which is about typical for AMS but it was passport control that was problematic.  There was absolutely no queuing system for non-EU passport control.  It was just a huge cattle press where everyone slowly funnelled into the 5 open electronic readers which seemed to reject more passports than they processed meaning you then had to go to a manual counter.  All up it took over 45 minutes to get through passport control.

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