How to make an ‘angled’ business class bed more comfortable

What to do when that promised business class bed turns out to be a ‘sloping sleeper’ seat…

By Staff Writers, April 18 2023
How to make an ‘angled’ business class bed more comfortable

Business class has come a long long way since British Airways launched the first fully lie-flat bed for its Club World passengers in March 2000.

These days, almost every business class seat transforms into a wide, long flat bed to help travellers get from A to B with plenty of Zzzz.

But there are still some hold-outs: many lower-cost airlines such as Air Asia fit their premium cabins with seats which while going flat, do so on a noticeable angle rather than being horizontal to the floor.

Well yes, it's sorta-kinda a flatbed...
Well yes, it's sorta-kinda a flatbed...

These are technically called ‘angled lie-flat seats’, or more casually referred to as ‘sloping sleepers’ – and they pose quite the challenge if you’re in need of some shut-eye, especially on an overnight flight.

In our experience, the best way to deal with an angled flatbed is to take the angle out of the equation – adjust the seat so it’s more of a‘lazy Z’ recliner than trying to be something it’s not (a proper bed).

Push the seat back as far as it’ll go, swing up the legrest and make yourself at home.

Ask the cabin crew for an extra blanket or duvet which you can lay over the seat to make its surface a little softer, especially when it comes to smoothing out gaps between the cushions.

Likewise, an extra pillow can soften the less ergonomic parts of the seat and make it all a bit more comfortable.

30 Aug 2022

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Sounds like it would be a terrible flight. Obviously never flown economy

07 Feb 2018

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I’ve always found a couple more reds make them very comfortable….

American Airlines - AAdvantage

12 Jun 2023

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Ask for a refund. 

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