• Will miss this lounge, it was excellent, times change though, like never before, so, so be it, just a first world problem to cope with!!!

  • That’s great! I saw a picture with two undelivered but painted Qantas 787’s at Boeing recently, I wonder when they will take delivery of these, apparently there are three sitting there. Would be great news for all Australian’s seeing a positive happening in this industry 

  • Qantas received government funds when it was owned by the government, not since. As they owned it, they funded it. There's heaps of competition, you have named but some!

  • A new Dreamliner a couple of weeks ago, another one in a couple of weeks and so on........

  • Ja90ck, I'm not “Virgin bashing “, I am merely noting my opinion as one does on a forum, as you or anyone else may too. Just because my opinion does not align with yours does not give you any entitlement to ask me to suppress my comments. I don't like Virgins way of doing business and I am merely...

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