Book all your airport transfers on the one website with Jayride

By Chris C., June 24 2014
Book all your airport transfers on the one website with Jayride

The new online service Jayride aims to take the hassle out of booking transport between Australia’s major airports and hotels, pulling together over 300 transport providers on the one website.

Business travellers fed up with high taxi prices or the cost of airport limousines can shop around and find a better deal, with both shuttle services and private drivers on tap, says Jayride founder Rod Bishop.

Bishop claims that in some cases this includes a higher quality ride at lower prices, with some licenced private drivers coming in below the cost of an ordinary taxi.

For example, travelling from Manly in the northern suburbs and Sydney Airport sees a normal taxi ride of around $90, but Jayride lists luxury black cars available for $80 on the same  journey.

Bishop is quick to tout that "if you're landing at the airport, (Jayride) includes a driver with a name board waiting for you."

There’s “no waiting in the taxi line, and if the traffic is slow, you'll never pay a cent more," Bishop told Australian Business Traveller.

If you’re looking to further reduce your travel expenses, the site also offers shuttle services on that route, priced between $35 and $50, although multiple stops make this much less efficient.

Still too costly? Jayride also facilitates 'ridesharing', through which members of the public can register their on-road travel plans and hunt for would-be passengers to chip in along the way.

Similar to using Expedia or Wotif to book flights and hotels, Jayride’s ‘aggregator’ booking engine currently takes transfer bookings for airports across Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and Ireland.

Travellers can also search Jayride for non-airport bookings, although many of the licenced operators will only appear when travelling to or from an airport.

For more information, visit the Jayride website.

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