• With regards traveling around NYC, I found that the City Mapper app was an absolute life saver, incorporates all of the public transport / cabs and walking and got me between meetings very efficiently... 

  • The ultimate app for New York as well as a selection of other major cities (no Australian one yet) is City Mapper... covers everything from local metros / subway right through to finding walking dierctions to the nearest chemist / drug store / supermarket.

  • Is there something similar for the US that you know of Chris?? in particular the east coast?

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  • Thanks Everyone!

  • Looking for recommendations for Beijing hotels? Advice?Will be in Beijing in mid October after doing the Trans-Siberian with my father and am looking for advice for a mid/high market hotel for three or four nights in Beijing... key preference points are wifi, bathroom, and decent beds.

  • Top Eight Questions and Answers

    Dec 03, 2014, 03:16 PM

    Summed up nicely, thanks for the chuckle :)

  • Your point (whatever that was) may have been better received and open to a genuine discussion had you asked an actual question using the language and spelling of a grown up rather than an angry 8 year old...... If the admin would be so kind as to remove this name calling ranting individual that w...

  • Prepaid USA sim for iPhone 5S.

    May 30, 2014, 10:37 AM

    Forgot to confirm, this was for a 5s and from what I have read it is quite hard to get a local pre paid sim card (could be wrong) so didn't want that hassle.

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