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Top Eight Questions and Answers at AusBT

1. I have a 15 minute connection in LAX this Sunday afternoon, is it enough time to transit and pop into the lounge to take some photos of the food?

A. I think 15 minutes is ample to go into the lounge for a photo op but any longer and you’ll be missing that flight to Raleigh.

2. I’m taking a friend out for dinner on Friday night and am thinking that the Adelaide Virgin Lounge would be really lovely. Can anyone confirm I’m allowed to bring in my partner/colleague/friend?

A. Good choice, the Adelaide Lounge rivals Rockpool for luxury dining. Generally if you’re in business class with no status, you’re on your own. But if you’re platinum or gold, you’ve got the golden ticket for both of you for the sumptuous dining in the ADL Lounge.

3. I’m going from SYD-OOL on the cheapest possible Tiger Airways ticket; can I use the Qantas First Lounge?

A. This is a tricky one. People will generally kick and scream until they get something they’re not entitled to. Just like the outrage when Virgin didn’t upgrade everyone to Gold. So get outraged and go for it!! Qantas First.... here you come!!

4. I bought a business class ticket on XYZ Chinese Carrier. Can I expect the service to be better or on par with Cathay/Emirates etc?

A. When paying $5-10,000 less than the ‘competitors’ asking price one should definitely expect the same if not better. At a minimum there should be a lie flat bed, an onboard bar, a shower and a 41 course degustation. Inedible food, 47 hour layovers, non-English speaking cabin crew and movies will surely not happen on your flight.

5. Is it true Qantas will start flying non-stop Darwin to Reykjavik next week?

A. I’ve heard this is on the cards with one of the airlines new AT7 aircraft. Despite the lack of press release, you’ll be sure to see the little red line appear on the Qantas route map in the next few days

6. There is a foreign aircraft sitting on the tarmac. It’s making me very anxious. What is it?

A. I’m pretty sure Expertflyer said it was the ISIS Foreign Ministry with their delegation to negotiate a free-FF-points-trade-agreement between ISIS Airlines and Qantas Frequent Flyer. Rumours are it’ll be 1-1:35

7. Why can’t I change the TV channel in the lounge? I haven’t asked the staff to change the channel, but they should know that I want to change the channel right?

A. This is completely unacceptable! I would be writing a letter to John Borghetti if I were you.

8. I’m flying to Honkers on Cathay Pacific next week, is it likely I’ll be sitting next to Alvin?

A. I can guarantee it


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thanks for giving me a giggle this afternoon


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Surely the top Q&A would also include a non-question question trashing Alan Joyce and Qantas?


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OMG!!!! This is GOLD!

Thanks S!!!!


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That is hilarious.


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Number 3 LOL!!!!!!!


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Nice :-) So true though.


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Well done sir. Well done


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Oh Alvin!


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Funny as : )

I love a good giggle


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Flights from Darwin to Iceland... Love it!!!!


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This is a joke right!! 


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Good Work S, drinks on my tab in the lounge!

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