• Agree with all the comments above regarding aesthetics, over promising under delivering and can't judge it properly until fluing in it etc etc. The problem is here, I don't feel airlines can deliver anything truly "revolutionary" in this class. The main reason for this is they are always try...

  • I can confirm even though you have something in writing.. The lounge dragons haven't been told. I was just denied entry as a VA Plat flying Business, and told EY has updated their access rules "a few weeks ago" to exclude VA Plat access to the new lounge. Not happy Jan!  

  • I hope they do, I'm flying EY J through there on 26 May and 10th June, hoping to go check this out! 

  • This is like one of those airline "enhancements" that isn't an enhancement for the consumer at all. Telstra were already ridiculously expensive and remain so. I used that old Zone 1 in Indonesia quite often for travel to Jakarta, now I'll be forced to pay double when only heading there for a few ...

  • Review:

    Aug 20, 2015, 12:07 PM

    Looks Amazing! Thanks for the review David.  Looks like the extra wait was worth it. How bloody lucky we are in Australia to have such a high product standard from our two big airlines! Can't wait to try it out. 

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  • The problem is both EY and VA social media teams are confirming access should have been granted. This is why VA cant compete internationally when it comes to partnerships. It's so fractured. 

  • Sorry for the messed up title. Really wish the Q&A system was a tad better. Anyway, Just wanted to confirm for everyone since there has been conflicitng reports I've seen on Q&A here and some Facebook groups.I was just denied access to the new EY First lounge at AUH flying in Business as ...

  • EY Scraps access to new AUH First Lounge for VA Platinum

  • Travelex sponsored article

    May 04, 2016, 01:42 PM

    TRB, I actually don't recall telling willvill to "silence himself" or anything of the sort. I was merely making a comment that clearly others here agree with about why the OP didn't need to get so worked up about the article as it's justified. Not sure why you even needed to m...

  • Travelex sponsored article

    May 04, 2016, 01:30 PM

    There is no one forcing you to use Travelex. Whilst I agree with your assessment it's cheaper if you shop around, you need to understand why a website such as these needs sponsored articles like that.All the other content you consume here is free, and yes whilst their flights and experiences are ...

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