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  • I haven't spent as much as you but I totally agree will loose my platinum status obviously as I am not flying but no recognition or loyalty to me at all! Qatar will be my beneficiary now

  • Originally Posted by patrickk Originally Posted by eminere Originally Posted by patrickk I meant QF in Sydney or me You're not making sense. QF first in Sydney or Melbourne is much better than Dubai in terms of food options, friendly service, and nice touches on plating etc. Dubai has a nice s...

  • Oneworld Heathrow Lounges

    Jul 04, 2019, 08:09 AM

    i dont think the north lounge exists anymore? i dont normally go up that end of the terminal besides the south is bigger and easier to find seat depending on time of flight and how busy place is at the time - also if status the first class lounge is there too

  • i dont fly as much as some - and am a bad sleeper on any flight (my other half is often asleep before take off - god knows how!) - but like Anna80 i too use sleep pillow spray (emirates) and the sleep oil which seems to work for me (as well as a glass of something with eye shade and ear plugs) - ...

  • Emirates Limousine Service

    Apr 05, 2019, 01:54 PM

    Hughes in Adelaide - at least it was last trip - due another trip next week so I’ll let u know who calls but assume different city different provider?

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