Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker: sound that's good to go

By David Flynn, June 5 2015
Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker: sound that's good to go

I'll admit to being a little surprised at the popularity of the Bose SoundLink Mini speaker.

Scores of friends and colleagues own one of these compact Bluetooth speakers – no, let me correct that, they own several of them, dotted in various rooms around the house, because their audio quality has to be heard to be believed.

And those same people will always grab one of their SoundLink Mini speakers to take on the road, because these powerful speakers easily trump what's supplied in any hotel room.

Based on that alone, the new SoundLink Mini II is sure to be a hit.

It's got the same go-anywhere size and top-notch audio wrapped in a stylish 700 gram slabette clad in scratch-resistant anodised aluminium, but Bose has brewed some welcome additions into the mix.

The Mini II now works as a speakerphone when connected to your Bluetooth smartphone, a trait that makes it extra useful for business travellers as well as the home-office.

Battery life has been boosted up to ten hours, and the Mini II can be recharged using most USB power sources (it also includes a charging cradle).

The Mini II can now simultaneously connect to two devices, such as a phone and a tablet, while also storing the eight most recently-used Bluetooth devices in memory to avoid having to pair up a device each time.

It's also easier to make that initial connection thanks to voice prompts which guide you through the process.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker is on sale now  for $299 in your choice of Carbon or Pearl, with five different colour covers at $30 each.

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I'd like a Mini Bluetooth speaker! That way this will be more than enough to fill in my backpack. 

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