Buy your Qantas $50 bag tag cheaper on eBay

By danwarne, April 5 2011
Buy your Qantas $50 bag tag cheaper on eBay

If you're not an elite-level Qantas Frequent Flyer, you may not have to cough up $50 to buy one of the new permanent, wireless bag tags from Qantas after all.

Enterprising elite flyers are undercutting the airline, selling unwanted bag tags for as little as a few dollars each on eBay.

A quick search of eBay reveals RFID chip-enabled bag tags regularly being auctioned with starting prices of 99c.

Qantas has previously confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that although bag tags are encoded with the number of the frequent flyer they were first issued to, they can be used by anyone, as they are only associated with a particular traveller's flight itinerary at the point of bag-drop.

Silver/gold/platinum frequent flyers are entitled to two free replacement bag tags each year, and existing bag tags remain valid to use if they are found again, according to Qantas Customer Service.

The free replacement tags are likely fuelling the eBay economy for Qantas bag tags.

Qantas has been contacted for comment on whether it approves of the resale of Q Bag Tags, and whether it has any plans to block Q Bag Tags that are sold online or reported missing.

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