Norway bomb: flight disruption worldwide likely after Oslo explosion

By John Walton, July 23 2011
Norway bomb: flight disruption worldwide likely after Oslo explosion

A car bomb has hit central Oslo, the capital of Norway, with shootings following closely in Utoeya, a rural area near the capital. Travellers worldwide will experience additional security checks at airports, with flight delays potentially following.

In Oslo, a car bomb exploded outside central Norwegian government buildings, resulting in at least eleven deaths so far. A gunman in police uniform also opened fire on a political youth rally on an island outside Oslo.

No group has yet claimed responsibility.

Typically, security measures are heightened around the world following attacks such as this, and travellers should be prepared for extra screenings, longer than usual queues, and potential flight delays.

Australia's DFAT Smartraveller government travel advice has not yet provided advice for Australians abroad, but the UK Foreign Office has issued new guidance

Effects on international travel

In terms of specific travel effects, SAS Scandinavian Airlines flights from Oslo's Gardermoen airport are most likely to be affected, with other SAS flights likely to experience knock-on effects.

But other airlines flying to Oslo may have aircraft out of place if delays mean that arriving flights arrive late.

Plan ahead for security-related delays, and check out our suggestions for preparing to deal with travel disruptions before you leave for the airport

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All flights are operating as planned. Norwegian police have ordered extended border-controls. This means that all passengers arriving or leaving on international flights in Norway, must show a valid ID to enter the country. Please allow some extra time for extended security and passport controls.



Not that there isn't plenty of unanswered questions to this sad incident (80+ children dead at the youth camp, it's a recreational summer camp organized by the labour party) but it's interesting how the details start to change when the news travel across the world.

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