• BNE-ADL / ADL-DOH-CPH-HEL booked in July on three different Oneworld tickets.  Let's see what Qantas (the first carrier) says about that :) 

  • Finnair has worked with Savoy restaurant for the new menu and if it's anything like the restaurant offers, it should be excellent.  Savoy is a traditional establishment in Helsinki, known for it's quality and athmosphere.

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    May 29, 2015, 05:38 PM

    T1 is a brilliant external SSD drive. If one wants to do an economy version, there are cheap USB3 SATA3 enclosures with UASP support that will house an internal 2.5" SSD drive.  You can DIY a very fast USB3 1TB SSD for half the price.

  • I use the "+" notation for pretty much all non-personal e-mail if possible but unfortunately way too many systems have been implemented by clueless people who don't know that "+" is a valid character in an e-mail address.  Airlines tend to be in the worst category. Some systems break comple...

  • I've got Oneworld Emerald and "free" Priority Pass as well for my own needs but if one didn't and only needed lounge access infrequently, it's good to remember that most 3rd party lounges offer access for a one-time fee.  If you don't need the lounge more than a few times a year, it's cheape...

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