Velocity Gold: can I access international lounges?

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I am a Velocity Gold member flying from Sydney to Denpasar with VA next year. Can you tell me if I can access any international lounges? Or can I check in then go to the Sydney domestic Virgin lounge?



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as a Gold you can walk in to any Lounge in Aus any time.. don't even have to be flying..   I just go and grab a beer and chips or coffee and cake if i'm waiting to pick someone up.   Or read the paper if i've just dropped off... 

So yes you can go to the Syd Domes Virgin Lounge. (Anytime)

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There's not much point to your heading over to the domestic airport when there are two great lounges in International: Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer (which is light, airy and blessedly quiet when there's no SQ flight) and Air New Zealand's international lounge (which is a little darker and usually more busy, but which has a much better wine selection).


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As it turns out, you are *not* entitled to use any International lounges flying Sydney-Denpasar as a Velocity Gold member (see ).

As the International and Domestic terminals are separate, going to the Virgin Domestic lounge really doesn't make sense.


As John points out, you can try your luck with both the Singapore Airlines or Air New Zealand lounges.  How lucky you'll get re. getting let in depends on how busy the lounges are, and how friendly the lounge attendants are.  Pleading ignorance can help - "oh, I thought that I was able to use this lounge as a Velocity Gold member" can work pretty well with a lot of attendants.  Do try it.

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