South America Waiting

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When on earth will Qantas return direct flights to South America?

What are they waiting for?

“Project Sunrise” is still ages away.

Pre-COVID QF27/28 were always full even in J Class.

LATAM has already returned so “please explain“!

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Ask QF themselves. You'll only get speculation here.

That is, if you're willing to hold the line up until Project Sunrise gets underway.


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Dec 16th 2022. QF27 several times per week, prior to that you can still codeshare on LATAM which’s interesting given LATAM pulled out of OneWorld. Flights are able to booked on QF27 from now


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This is a problem throughout the post-covid QF network with limited/no flights, the smaller 787s deployed in lieu of the A380s and old 747s and higher ticket prices. As a platinum/lifetime gold (90% from international flights) who previously just defaulted to Qantas for most flights I've spent more time on LATAM, Singapore and Qatar over the last 9 months than over the previous 10 years and won't be going back to Qantas.

I think Qantas has a largely unfounded confidence in the relative quality of their international product (with the US carriers being the exception where this is generally a fair assumption). I wonder how many other previously "loyal" travellers have been forced to reconsider their travel habits by the limited capacity and flight options being offered from Qantas and how many, like me, will never come back.

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