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Registered for Virgin Australia yesterday. Got an activation email and was logged in. Tried a bit later and git error message "You have not activated your account. Please contact your business administrator or Virgin Australia account manager.". Called the number on the email which went through to and overseas call center who advised me that there is nothing that they can do and hung up my call. Called again and requested to put through to a Virgin rep in Australia. On hold for 30 minutes. Has anyone else had similar issue?


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You should have received an email to activate your account, I know I did but that was a few months ago.

What time did you call them? If it was after hours it will go through to the normal call centre.


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Had. No problem with the VA biz portal or the customer call centre when called them. Most call centres for most organisations are overseas now.

I haven't had a problem dealing with an O/S call centre normally though. So long as you recognise that they're trying hard and often harder than a local does to look after your needs based on their skill set and education. It's hard for them to work in a second language that they don't normally use outside of their work. So be patient and speak slowly and you're fine.

If they didn't resolve your issue, I'd be quite surprised, call the Virgin head office reception in Brisbane and find someone there to complain to? 07 3295 3000

Or send a complaint feedback on the online form here.

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