BNE Premium lounge entry closed?

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So, I am currently stuck in a massive queue for security at Brisbane domestic Qantas. Would you believe it, the premium lounge entry with the separate security is closed from 5 pm. WTF business lights tend to be around 45 6 pm do they not?

And the normal security line has no separation what so ever! Considering how much we pay for the privilege I’m extremely disappointed! 😤


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Don’t know if it would have saved you any time anyway, it was open when I went through last week but the queue was very long and very slow, I would say it would have been quicker to use the normal lanes.


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I found that out last month as well flying out of BNE at 7pm.

Totally nonsensical situation particularly when business travellers fly out after 5pm and premium entry made a lot of difference

Qantas premium entry at BNE and the seperate premium security line* at SYD were one of the reason why I bother with chasing tiers.

* ironically sometimes the queue is shorter in the general line but plenty of experience with inexperienced travellers (repeat screening etc) meant I rather stay on the longer premium line. AJ pointing out about pax ”not match fit” during the Easter travel fiasco is true

Furthermore the security contractors destroyed my carryon luggage (broke relatively new bag's zipper even when it emptied) but was told to lodge a complaint and claim with BNE management via feedback webpage.

Still waiting for a response from BNE after 5 weeks despite the generic promise to “get back to you in 2 working days” on the webpage.

Would appreciate anyone with ideas to escalate my claim as well as the premium entry operating hours

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