Lounge access possible on arrival in LAX for QF11 first class?

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I don't hold any QF status, but wondered if lounge access is permitted/available on arrival in LAX from SYD for those travelling in F? I don't even know if there is a conveniently located airside lounge for arrivals. I recall QF use a third party for their LAX lounge, which I'd expect would normally operate around departure times only.

Just got a long transit before next onward domestic flight and it's only Y class.


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I don't believe there are any arrivals lounges at LAX. Departures and arrivals are separated so all the lounges in TBIT are not available including Qantas which has its own First Class Lounge at LAX departures but it has not yet reopened post-COVID. All eligible pax are directed to the Qantas Business Lounge.


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If you have an onward flight on a Oneworld carrier, you will have access to a lounge based on your incoming flight. Just show your boarding pass from your SYD-LAX flight. The onward flight would need to be same day however.

You could access either the T4 AA Flagship business lounge, or the TBIT Oneworld business lounge (which is basically a Qantas lounge, just co-owned by BA/Cx/QF but operated by QF). Currently the QF First lounge is closed at LAX.

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