Frequent Flyer help desk in the Philippines?

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Trying to get a Qatar flight AKL/ADL in business credited to my QFFF. A very polite helper on the FF help desk told me I could only credit Qantas flights. I explained that Qatar was a One World member - they didn’t know about One World. After 10 minutes or so they agreed I was entitled to 2500 points and 80 status points! They DID answer promptly and were very ‘helpful’ but had no idea of the product they were meant to be supporting


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This is not surprising one bit. Looks like a lot of new staff are not even given frequent flyer 101 training and are literally thrown in the deep end.

I had a similiar experience with the Singapore Airlines call centre in Manila. This was a premium cabin number too. The staff member literally had no idea what a codeshare was, nor how Lufthansa operates some flights for SQ.


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Don't even bother talking to anyone other than the premium QF team in Hobart if you want people who know what they are doing. Just keep calling until you get Hobart!

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