• Rex cuts Sydney-Melbourne flights

    Feb 22, 2021, 02:58 PM

    I love REX's spin on this blaming the "Brunetti hotspot" as opposed to perhaps an overall ability to fill these flights. I was impacted by this as I was flying MEL-SYD on March 2. Got an  SMS on Saturday advising of a schedule change and for me to contact their call centre - which turns...

  • Rex cuts Sydney-Melbourne flights

    Feb 22, 2021, 02:46 PM

    I love their spin on how the blame falls on the "Brunetti's hotspot outbreak" and nothing on perhaps due to  an overall lack of demand to fill all their flights. I was impacted by this as I was to fly up to Sydney on March 2 . Got an SMS on Saturday 20 Feb advising of a schedule change and ...

  • Tips for staying trim on the road

    Sep 26, 2018, 08:07 AM

    This is a small step but overall I find it does help. I always walk at airports and never use the escalator or travelator. Of course if one is lugging a 10kg carry on and dog tired, then that's a different story. On occasion when I have a 4-5 layover at Singapore Changi , I have walked all the w...

  • Worth noting on the Promotions page after submitting your information, one particular T&C along the lines of "Please note your membership MAY no be valid at partner lounges..." (Sorry I should have copied and pasted it). That't a very pertinent T&C to make note of! Particularly as I am m...

  • Govt crackdown on TRS rebates

    Mar 06, 2018, 01:22 PM

    I am surprised this TRS scheme is open to Aussie passport holders in the first place. In most other countries (ie the ones I've mainly used it such as Singapore, EU) it is only open to tourists/non-residents. Seems to work well there without any issue.

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  • Wow, keep up the fantastic work! For many years now you guys have been my first "go to" for everything frequent flyer and airline related. Fantastic job and happy birthday!!!!

  • As Australians, I don't think this sort of lip service is warranted nor expected. It seems really awkward. I mean, if VA was a government run airline, then I'd kind of get it, but its not even that.One could argue further about this cause, should supermarkets do the same for veterans (express que...

  • Virgin Australia and Star Alliance

    Nov 02, 2018, 08:19 AM

    Joining an alliance certainly wont happen under JB's clock. He has been strongly opposed to this, instead focussing on building invididual partnerships with airlines. This is where VA is weaker in the sense that it cannot offer the global coverage and frequent flyer benefits that it's rival Qant...

  • Your bags will be checked through to AMS and this is where you collect them. Any customs check will be done there. You will however clear border control at CPH as this is your first port of entry in the schengen zone.

  • The T3 one is a tad more glamorous than the T2 one. The T2 one is much darker, with less natural light surrounding it. Like the T3 set up, toilets are outside, which is a hassle in itself. The food options on offer were about the same time the last time I used them both a few months ago.

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