QF e-ticket woes

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Hi all. I’ve been having issues with a one of the seven bookings made all the way back in April that I am yet to see an e-ticket for. The rest were ticketed as expected bar one.

I have called multiple times to be told it was a payment issue, which I have then given CC details and told all was OK and I would be issued an e ticket. However after 6 calls and seeing payment made on my bank statement, I am still being told my payment has been denied and an eticket has yet to be issued.

I am now being told by qantas agents to get my bank to reverse these charges and try again which seems very odd and I am nearing my wits end with dealing with the phone agents who refuse to transfer me to a billing or ticketing department.

Has anyone been through this / have any idea how I can get this ticket bar just rebooking and paying the $1200 fare increase since April??


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Yes, I had that same issue before. The booking gets eternally stuck at ticketing.

Unfortunately, the advice is try to get a Hobart agent on the phone and they'll do it properly for you. In my case, she confirmed something looked odd, kept me on the line and phone the ticketing desk and stayed talking to me until it was ticketed (using the credit of the transaction that was previously charged to my CC).

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