Why does Virgin Velocity take so long to credit for partner airline flights?

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Why is that with Virgin's Velocity FF program crediting for flights on partner airlines such as Virign America takes weeks & weeks to appear?

Flying on *Alliance & One-World airlines the crediting of points earned on partner airlines to one's FF account usually take a matter of days.

Would love to hear an official response from Velocity Management!


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I have the same problem... I flew with Pacific Blue to Tonga in June/July and still haven't got my Status credits and points from that.

I've called Velocity up about 6 times and they all say they have approved it and they will be in my account but they never come through!


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it can take appalling long.  my advice is to persist, persist and persist. 

i fly 120 segments annually but 10+ trips with their partner Malaysian airlines (an aside but has anyone noticed that redemption flights to KL have disappeared from the Velocity booking system?) and Virgin takes a ridiculously long time to apply the points/status credits earned through their "partner".

I say follow up, follow up and follow up and the points should arrive in about 6+ weeks' time,


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I have recently spoken to Virgin also, I recommend that if you have not received your points/status within 2 weeks that you lodge a retro claim via your Velocity login.  With some airlines you complete an online form, for others you need to email them.  Once you lodge this, they say it can then take 4-6 weeks.  

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