Qantas Double Charging Again

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Wondering why there was no money in my account I checked my balance to find Qantas have double billed my card resulting in additional $4,100 being charged.

This is the second time in 12 Months. I thought Qantas had fixed this problem?



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If you call them they should be able to fix it, otherwise raise it with your card company.

I haven't heard of this being a widespread issue any more.


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On my third call to Qantas today I was told that double billing in a known current problem with their finance system with a second duplicate charge being sent out to some customers. The second charge I was told will sit in the customers credit card account in ‘pending’ status until it ‘drops off’ after seven days. Qantas said that “a few customers had been reporting this issue recently”.

What Qantas appear not to realise is that those that use Credit/Debit cards will be greatly affected by having their account effectively frozen until the pending transaction expires - unless they find funds to equal the pending charge.


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Imagine if you walked into Qantas' office in Mascot and took a $4000 piece of artwork off the wall, walked out the building with it, and if anyone asked what you are doing you say 'don't worry, I'll return it in 7 days.' You'd probably be arrested, possibly even jailed.

But Qantas does the same thing with customer's money and there is absolutely no accountability or repercussions. It's just another example of big business behaving badly and consumers getting a raw deal.

What we need is hefty fines for every time Qantas does this (I'm thinking in the tens of thousands per breach). Introduce tough fines and I'd be very surprised if it ever happens again. We also need a mechanism to immediately rectify this situation if and when it occurs.

The same thing happened to me with several recent British Airways transactions. I find it unbelievable that companies can put a hold on your money without permission.

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