• Feb 18, 2019, 09:43 AM

    Clicking on the link in your article finds the QF double status promotion OK. However if you go to Qantas web site (without clicking on your link) this page can't be found under FF Member Specials. Perhaps Qantas haven't advertised this promotion yet?

  • Hi David,Does that also mean it rules out Qantaslink - operated by Sunstate or National Jet Systems, or the trans-Tasman "Qantas' flights operated by Jet Connect? To clear this up I rang Qantas FF. The FF Service Centre representative didn't know what Qantaslink was and thought it was a charter c...

  • I noticed that SYD- PER-LHR gives a lot less status credits (515) than SYD-LHR return (560)

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  • Qantas Double Charging Again

    Sep 22, 2022, 11:45 AM

    On my third call to Qantas today I was told that double billing in a known current problem with their finance system with a second duplicate charge being sent out to some customers. The second charge I was told will sit in the customers credit card account in ‘pending’ status until it...

  • Qantas Double Charging Again

    Sep 19, 2022, 11:53 AM

    Wondering why there was no money in my account I checked my balance to find Qantas have double billed my card resulting in additional $4,100 being charged.This is the second time in 12 Months. I thought Qantas had fixed this problem?SB

  • For the last six months my Jetstar points and SC have taken 8 weeks to flow through to QFF. Recently my last 16 Jetstar Plus flights have been processing at a rate of 10 in the last week so now is only three weeks behind. Hopefully this a good sign!

  • I fly JQ regularly on Plus but you won’t see the points or SC credits appear for 8 weeks.

  • What process did you follow to get missing points resolved? Were you successful?

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