Qatar - Upgrade 1 x A380 Leg

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Hi All,

I'm flying DUB-SYD in early January on a paid business fare with Qatar. Originally the trip was all 787/777 (DUB-DOH-PER) and a QF A330 Leg PER-SYD.

Qatar have since brought back the A380 on the DOH-PER leg and I've been searching for a way to price the upgrade to First? When I look at flight changes and input the entire DUB-SYD trip, First isn't even an option on the website, including if I just try to book it separately. I've checked ExpertFlyer and can see all 8 seats are available, but the only way I can see it's possible to book F on that DOH-PER leg is to book it as a single one-way ticket which is obviously not the way to go.

Anyone had any experience in upgrading where the class is only available on one leg? Appreciate any help you can offer!



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Hi @FlyingInJ,

I recommend calling them. Whenever something like this happens to me, I call them and they can resolve it in 10mins.



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