QF Classic Flight Reward, LA Seat Selection.

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TL:DR - How do you select seats for LATAM flights on a Qantas Classic Flight Reward booking?

Hi all - I've booked a Classic Flight Reward with Qantas to South America, that includes four flights on LATAM. How do you select seats on the LATAM flights? QF said to contact LA. The QF booking reference is not recognised on the LA site, so I contacted the LA call-centre and they said to call QF - a frustrating loop.

On another website, someone suggested using the Royal Jordanian site to select seats. This worked for one of the LATAM flights, but the remaining three show error 'Your service selection contains unavailable service(s). (119225). At least one of your specific seat requests could not be processed. (4631 - 68202)'


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You’re probably only being able to select the seats in the flight that Qantas has an actual reserved capacity (between Australia and Santiago). Beyond that, you’re on regular LATAM stock. For the majority of their intra-South America flights seats selection is now paid.

You’ll need the SABRE booking reference (6 letters) to try and book seats directly with LATAM. Try adding the AMADEUS reference (6 letters and numbers, the one Qantas uses) to CheckMyTrip (owned my Amadeus) and it should show you, under booking documents, a note with the SABRE reference. Use that one in the LATAM website and it should let you purchase seats.

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