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Does anyone know the backstory to the scheduling of QF17 which pre-Covid used to be the late flight from SYD to LAX arriving in the evening (vis-a-via the QF11 daytime service arriving in the morning) but which now also departs during the day but only on Mondays? It is a 787 vs the QF11 A380. The QF18 return flies on Thursday evening out of LAX providing extra capacity back to SYD in time for the weekend (Saturday am arrival) but 4 days between outbound and inbound seems a lot unless it's for a maintenance program? Curious to learn the reasoning for this timetabling! Thanks!


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In short, there are a number of related reasons:

The daily A380 covers the bulk of pax to LAX, with B787 fleet being stretched thin at the moment. Also allows for B787 to have 13+ hours on the ground for scheduled servicing at the LAX Maintenance Base, or longer depending on the schedule needs.

With the A380 coming back onto MEL-LAX end of October, that also takes some of the pax connecting to LAX from places like WA/SA/TAS that have been using SYD services, especially those seeking F class, along with the daily AA codeshare from SYD on 77W. This also frees up B787 capacity to operate MEL-DFW on Wed / Fri / Sun, which has ostensibly been shaved from the SYD-LAX schedules.

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