Qantas Frequent Flyer Trap

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I have just concluded a very disappointing interaction with Qantas Frequent Flyer. I always refuel at BP to collect the FF points. I recently noticed that I had not received any BP points in my FF account for several months, so I contacted BP. They replied that I would need to contact Qantas FF, which I did. They said I needed proof of the transactions, so I sent them copies of my AMEX card transactions, clearly noting the time, date, place and cost of each transaction. As I am retired, I don't get individual receipts for each petrol purchase, so I could not produce the actual receipts as proof of purchase. After numerous emails, the final result is that they have rejected my claim, noting only the receipts can prove the transactions. So I miss out on hundreds of points. I am not really worried about that - I am Platinum One with Qantas and have over 3 million FF points. However, there is clearly a flaw in their system that does not automatically credit reward points on each purchase. Has anybody else had an issue with missing reward points, either with BP or any other reward partner? Please check your points. If this has happened to me, then it is likely happened to others, many of whom probably don't realise it yet. Just wondering if this is an intentional ploy by Qantas? Any lawyers out there interested in another class action?


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I rarely use BP, and when I do, it's only because they've made it worth my while (ie offered bonus FF points). Anyway, on the half dozen or so times i've used BP, on one occasion the points hit my Qantas FF account within 4 days, every other time it has been the next day. And a golden rule of mine is Murphy's Law, so I always grab a receipt and keep checking my account until the points arrive.


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Use the BP App, link your QFF, much easier to track purchases and points. I’ve had a few hiccups but generally works well.


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I have noticed that Uber trips to/from airport are a bit hit or miss in terms of FF points crediting

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