• I flew on QF7 & 8 back in Nov 17 in First and both crew and First passengers (including myself) walked up and down the stairs throughout the flight.

  • What was your best upgrade?

    Jan 05, 2022, 04:33 PM

    Back in the late ‘90s i flew from Melbourne to Christchurch (Qantas) in economy (B767) and got a hire car for the drive to Queenstown. I had a lovely 3 day stay in Queenstown. After the 6 hour drive back to Christchurch airport the check in agent greeted me with the news that i had been upg...

  • Last year i flew QF/AS SYD to SEA via SFO. From memory, it was about 2.5 hours between scheduled arrival and scheduled departure in SFO, the QF flight from SYD arrived about 20 minutes early, and they had started boarding the AS flight to SEA about 10 min prior to my arrival at the gate so i wal...

  • If i’m in economy, then I am with Brandon. Get on, avoid the queue in the aerobridge, get my carry on in the overhead bin, and wait for everybody else. This applies to both domestic and international.For business class, depends upon aircraft type. For B737, as above. For larger aircraft, e...

  • Review:

    Sep 17, 2018, 07:55 AM

    Chris, any plans to review Korean Air 747-8 Business Class? Flying the -8 is on my bucket list and am undecided between Korean Air and Lufthansa.

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  • Pop up advertisement

    Jul 25, 2021, 09:01 AM

    The only other option is a subscription fee. The bills need to be paid somehow.

  • As far as I am aware, Qantas does not have 5th freedom rights between USA and UK. The USA has granted such rights, but the UK has not. The UK has only grated 5th Freedom rights to Australian carriers for flights between Asia and the UK.

  • Should Qantas fly to Seattle?

    Jul 21, 2019, 08:14 PM

    Hi All,I am a bit hesitant to start this discussion and ask the question i am going to ask, but i am going to be brave and go for it.Now that the QF/AA Joint Venture has been given the final tick of approval by US authorities, QF is going to start non stop services between BNE and SFO, and BNE an...

  • Is your new credit card with the same company as the old one? If so, have a chat with them to see how they would process a refund against the old card. Your old account may be still be (internally) active until the provider is satisfied no further charges are coming. This would depend how long a...

  • If a credit card is fraudulently used, either the merchant or the credit card company is liable to reimburse the credit card holder, and neither of them want that, hence the policy of producing the credit card used to pay for the room on check in. My best guess is that this is a legal requiremen...

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