Executive Traveller website prompted me to confirm that I was human

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In the last few days when I tried to refresh the Executive Traveller website I was redirected to another screen and asked to click a button to confirm that I was human. I initially thought that it was strange and maybe the website had been hacked but I tried accessing it by different means, e.g. clicking on a link from an article in the newsletter and doing a google search. Eventually I did confirm that I am human and was able to access the website. Has anyone else had this experience? Thanks


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Not at all uncommon and will likely become more common with websites. It will be changes in the security layer on their website. All designed to prevent cyber attacks and hacking, or brute force attempts by bots. Also the more you try from the same connection, the more it will detect a possible malicious intent and show you the verification! :)


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Boomers and CAPTCHA,

Prevents DDOS attacks.


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Originally Posted by Drakesy

Boomers and CAPTCHA,

Prevents DDOS attacks.

You'll be called the equivalent of a 'boomer' by the next generation, who'll be genuinely more tech savvy than you currently imagine yourself to be.....

Enjoy that sobering thought, you 'future boomer'.

Tip: a little patience, humour, understanding, and good grace goes a long way here.

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The site was under a DDOS attack so we had to implement some additional security measures. That seems to be over so things should be back to normal.

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