First Class on American Airlines.

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First Class on American Airlines. I've booked a First Class domestic flight in the US on AA, and am wondering how Qantas treat that fare class for Status Credits. Will I accrue QFF status credits at the Business or First class rate?


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If you have booked under an AA code and it is a first fare, you will earn points and status at first class rates.  


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Best way to rack up some SC's! If you are a QF Platinum you will have access to the Admiral lounges as well and they even give you two free drink vouchers for their "premium" booze selection. Don't expect too much of it though ;)


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Domestic 1st class fares in the usa are buisness class and your points will reflect that ,don't expect to much as their 1st class barely compares with our buisness class . American airline  lounges are prity basic compared to qantas lounges 


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The Flagship Lounge is on-par with QF Lounges.

Agreed KG, You get very good status credits when flying First in the US. All the best Phil


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Depending upon your time, budget, and destination, you can get some high value fares via a Caribbean or central American port of call. For example, if you're trying to get from LAX to BOS, try routing through Bridgetown.Barbados (BGI), or Aruba (AUA) - take the business fare which will put you in first on most domestic flights (check on booking) using the multi stop facility on and add several sectors to your journey for potentially less cost which racing up vast numbers of QF status credits.

Say LAX-MIA-BGI-MIA-BOS = 120 (first) + 80 (biz) + 80 (biz) + 120 (first) = 400 credits for around $1200-$1500.

You can usually find more sectors for a similar price (eg. LAX-DFW-MIA-BGI-MIA-ORD-BOS).

This is an excellent way of advance QF status quickly for relatively low cost.

Some of the most atractive deals are from Hawaii to the Caribbean and back - routes offering around 800 QF status credits for return journeys costing around $1500 - $2000, potentially a 10 times better return than flying around Australia in QF business class!

Remember, however, status credits won't help you attain status credit bonuses (these now need to be on a QF fight number), or get to Platnum One after you have accrued 900 status credits with a non QF alliance partner (OneWorld, etc). But very useful if you are aiming at QF Gold or Platinum!


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