What happened to John Walton?

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What happened to John Walton? Is he still contributing his reviews and articles? Seems to have been very quiet of late.


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Good question, Russell. Also, what happened to Dan Warne?


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He writes an article for Australian Aviation Magazine.


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I was just thinking this the other day. Hopefully he's just taking some time off and will be back soon.


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You guys may have missed the Twitter announcements, so here's the rundown.

John Walton was poached by US flight search engine Routehappy a few months back, shortly before their launch. It was a bittersweet decision for John: a great new gig, based in New York, in an exciting startup based around the 'passenger experience' side of things which he loves so much, but also an end to his much-enjoyed AusBT writing and globetrotting.

Dan Warne left over a year ago, after being offered a social media/PR job with the National Broadband Network Co. Dan's a longtime techie (that's how I got to know him, when I was editor of Australian Personal Computer magazine and Dan joined as a journalist), broadband has always been one of his areas of expertise (he spent years prior to APC as a news writer and top contributor to Whirlpool), so working on the NBN to push super-broadband across Australia was a dream gig!

So right now, AusBT is just me full-time with a few casual contributors, but we're still looking to hire a full-time journo and beef up the contributor ranks.

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