inquiring about getting a refund from the airline.

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inquiring about getting a refund from the airline. I booked a trip 4 months ago for my daughter and myself to travel on 16 Oct. But due to medical reason my daughter is unable to travel now. I have advised the airline and have asked if my daughter's fare could be refunded or to give us some kind of credits or something. The airline officer told me that the fare is non-refundable nor transferable. But given that I have a valid reason to cancel the flight and considering that there is still 4 months to go which is surely allowing the airline plenty of time to book another traveller, I believe that I should be afforded some sort of compensation or credits.


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I was involved in a house fire last september, serious injuries, involving 2 operations with skin grafting. Had a trip to Hawaii booked with Qantas for November. Was given a voucher for whole value (less change fee) as a silver Q Club member. What airline are you with?


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Should note I also had notes from my doctor etc and gave 10w notice...


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When approaching an airline for anything ,they are more likely to listen if you apply to them using the words ,i request a refund on compassionate grounds .stating the reasons .airlines can use discression on compassionate grounds .qantas credited my tickets to reuse within the next 12 months when my mother died and I could not fly.good luck!!


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Have you paid the fare by credit card? In most cases your issuing bank will refund the money in case of cancellation due to medical reasons. My experience with QF is that (as stated above as well) they often give you credit to spend on future flights (not sure if you booked QF?).


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I have cancelled a QF red e-deal fare, booked and subsequently cancelled online, and got a travel voucher valid for the 12 months from the original date of purchase-less a rebooking fee. Got a better deal with another airline. No issue. 

I am sure everyone who buys a non refundable non transferable ticket has a 'valid' reason for not travelling however far in advance the cancellation/change occurs. These circumstances are exactly what travel insurance is for. I work on the principle that if I can't afford, or don't want, to forfeit the fare paid, when booking restrictive fares, I make sure I have travel insurance in place, to cover these unforeseen events.

I do hope you get a satisfactory response but I don't see why the airline is under any obligation to help.



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Unfortunately when you buy a fare, you are restricted to those rules as you have agreed to the terms and conditions at the time of purchase. I understand that this must be painful but in this instance, you are unfortunately under the the airline's mercy.


Travel insurance would be your best friend when you decide to purchase a non-refundable fare.

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