• I'm assuming you meant SIN and not SNG as that'd be flying from Bolivia and I can't recall the last time a route like that ever existed.   Oh and you're drawing a very bad comparison. AUH-SYD is a very long flight compared to SIN-SYD. It's common on a lot of airliners these days to see one...

  • I wouldn't really call Shanghai a "strange foreign place" when China is becoming the world's largest tourism source market.

  • As no airline ever loads 100% catering of each option, I don't think it's a bad idea if you're dead-set about getting your meal choice. It's better than being stuck with something you're unhappy with right?

  • I don't think the QF males are insecure of their masculinity, specially since a good number of male FA's are probably gay and would've probably been welcoming to the idea of pink (which I think would've looked great as well).Having said that, even though QF had a uniform panel, I think the final ...

  • I agree with what you're saying in some ways, but to be fair a comparison of JQ products and CX, SQ or any of the other carriers which you have stated is a little bit unfair.If anything, the only real fair comparison should be Scoot or AirAsia. 

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