DFW - Terminal D Qantas Club or Terminal C Admirals Club?

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DFW - Terminal D Qantas Club or Terminal C Admirals Club?

I'm arriving into Dallas Terminal D on Qantas in a few days before connecting on with American Airlines from Terminal C 3 hours later. Should I use the Qantas lounge in Terminal D before heading off to Terminal C, or the Admirals Club in Terminal C? Showers are important to me! Thanks.


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Hi milsgough,

I suggest you use the Admirals lounge in Terminal C for the following reason:

1) Your connection is only 3 hours. By the time you clear immigration and customs and re-check your bags, you won't have much time left to grab a shower etc. While terminals D and C are next to each other, the train transfer does take some time. Immigration queues at DFW  can be rather long.

2) The "Qantas Club" in terminal is in fact only a contract lounge. The dragons at the door are highly likely to turn you away if your next flight is not a Qantas operated flight (I've been turned away when my next flight was an international AA operated flight despite being in J and a OW emerald)

3) While you will have to pay for food at the Admirals lounge, wine, beer and coffee (American coffee) is free. But I believe you will be issued with a drinks coupon good for one drink. The showers at the DFW terminal C Admirals lounge is however quite good stocked with Dermalogica products (shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser & moisturiser) - very decent water pressure. 

Hope this helps!


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Hi TheRealBabushka,

That is a massive help! Thank you. I'll be making a b-line straight to Terminal C then. Can't believe those people at the "qantas club" wouldn't let you in! - sounds to me like you should have been ok.

And the shower info was very useful as well.



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Agree with TRB. You don't want to miss your flight, and the Terminal C AA lounge is better than the D AA lounge. The Qantas lounge, as TRB says, is likely to be temperamental, and not really all that great. 


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Must confess that I have spent an unfortunate amount of time at DFW, and my advice is, don't worry too much about this because every Admiral's Club is every terminal at DFW is mediocre at best, and the Qantas lounge was not what we in Australia would expect for a Qantas lounge. Secondly, unlike many airports where 1 airline flies out at 1 terminal, it seems like AA fly out of every one of their five terminals. More than once I have had a flight change terminals completely on me on the day - and without internet on your phone you can quite easily be caught out if you last checked the terminal / gate number the night before your flight. 

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