Use of Single Qantas Club Passes

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Hi All. I have a few single use Qantas Club passes received via my credit card program and QFF Silver Status. I have previously used these without problem prior to an international flight departing Sydney. Just wondering if anyone has experience of whether or not they will be accepted at overseas lounges, in particular the Qantas Business Lougne in Tokyo? I have a long-layover so would rather use it there. Thanks


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Once had a problem using one at Heathrow back when the Lounge was run by BA. From memory they were correct and the terms on the back required it to be Qantas operated. No idea if that is still the same, but Tokyo is Qantas operated according to the website.


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With the passes handed out by Qantas (with Silver Status) the t&c's are that it needs to be used at a Qantas operated lounge. So Tokyo meets that criteria. I would assume credit card passes would have similar conditions.


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Great, thanks for your feedback Nick and Hutch!

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