What is the value ($) of a VA Velocity point?

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What is the value ($) of a VA Velocity point?


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Depends what you spend it on. This article here on ausbt sums it up quite well.

Essentially, if you spend it on a "non flight" reward (like a toaster), 1pt = 0.5 cent.

I personally use my points on virgin's "points and pay" system to fly business class. That is far better value with 1pt= 15-18 cents. Hope that helps!


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That depends on how you plan on redeeming them, basically -- see this article for reference: http://www.ausbt.com.au/virgin-frequent-flyer-research-43-want-toasters-over-travel


Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

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Sort of varies to suit the Velocity Company.


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I think a velocity point is worth less than 1 cent per point, even when using for international J seats. Consider a reward flight BNE/SYD to LAX, 150k points, so 300k points for the return trip. This flight sells for about $4k, so there is an argument that you am just divide these numbers and get 1.3 cents per point, but if you pay cash you get status and more points. So to value the points, what works you pay considering you don't get stays credited for the trip? I think it's less than $3k, so thus my reason for valuing points at less than 1c pp.

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