I have just re-qualified for Velocity platinum.

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I have just re-qualified for Velocity platinum. When I re-qualified last year the complimentary partner opt-in choices reset allowing you move to a different partner. Whilst i'm not bothered about moving I notice in the T&C's for the partner complimentary enrolment that this will be reviewed inline with the partners standard review policy meaning that if you have not done/earned the required stays/points/miles you will not keep that status with them. Can anyone shed any light on this as it appears to be a departure from last year where you could just re-enrol and get the same benefits!?


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Hi, Mont80, yes indeed, the partner status only gets triggered the once! These benefits thus only apply when you first attain Velocity platinum and they will expire if you don't meet the requalification criteria of the hotel chain even though you have requalified for Virgin Velocity Platinum. 

This seems somewhat absurd since it means that your continuing loyalty at Platinum level is progressively less rewarded by Virgin! 

It is disappointing that VA hide this in the small print.

There may be a work around:

1) use your Hilton Diamond from Velocity to status match to Best Western Rewards, who have a current status match promotion. Use the Best Western Rewards to retro-match to other hotel reward schemes at comparable status level when your current hotel statuses expire (not promising this will work with the Hilton, but worth a try). There are "status match" web sites you can google that list people's experiences of such strategies.

2) let your Velocity slip to Gold and then revamp it back up to Platinum to reapply (can't confirm thsi will work, but my partner was (unintentionally) successful at this).

3) take the pricey option of the Amex Platinum charge card which steps you up to various hotel chain status levels (SPG Gold, Accor Platnum, etc., etc)

4) undertake an accelerated status run if offered (e.g. this is usually possible with Marriott)

...other ideas anyone?




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I doubt anyone will match to BW.



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I had the same disappointment this year... it seems a glaring oversight in the way velocity is looking after top tier FFs.  I was especially annoyed about having virgin not pay to renew my secure sentinel membership as I had only just started to rely on this for document storage etc when travelling.  Whilst at a stretch I can understand the hotel loyalty program restriction, secure sentinel is not a service that you can 're-qualify' for so it seems very strange that Virgin will not continue to pay for this.  But alas, I guess there's not much we can do about it unless AusBT decide to get on their case.


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Thanks for the heads up on velocity platinum. I'm about to get it for the first time (sighting the benefits associated with HHonours diamond membership and Hertz car hire gold membership). Given that these benefits only last 1 year, so to will my platinum membership. Apart from four upgrades a year, there are no other benefits that stand out for being a platinum member of velocity, compared with being just gold.


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I found out the hard way.Renewed but not with the benefits enjoyed in the first year.Very disappointed as Virgin list the benefits without disclosure of  the limited duration(only in the  terms and conditions of velocity).It would seem the greater the support the less the benefits...Virgin should NOT list any benifit that is only a one off reward and not an ongoing benefit for the duration of the status level held. Velocity Renewal rewards are hollow rewards the greater the status level.


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Cheers Platy! Thanks for taking the time to go into the options above!

As a result of the Intercon platinum membership I have been fairly religously staying with Intercon this year and will probaly requalify with ICH if I can sneak in a few more nights this year. Like Aarondavis1986 says it's impossible to requalify for Secure Sentinel.

First world problems I know but It seems Virgin Australia are willing to get you to work to achieve platinum but are not so willing to look after you when you stay there.  It seems my loyalty to them over the past year has been misguided! Another thing to add to my list that is really making me doubt my love affair with VA.

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