Etihad Business Class Amenities

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Etihad Business Class Amenities


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just wondering if anyone can shed some light on Etihad's business class amenities as I heard they aren't that great. Also, are PJ's supplied on board? I have a few flights with them coming up and wondering if I should take my own as I heard they aren't always provided. 


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When I flew Etihad Business Class, they did not provide Pyjama's.

They also do not provide an ammenity kit. Instead the flight attendant will walk through with a tray that has Eye Shades, Socks, Toothbrush and Pen's.  They give you the option to select what you like, but it is definitely nothing to get excited over.

Singapore Airlines Business Class is the same, they no longer give an ammenity kit out to Business Class passengers.  They just hand out some sockets/slippers and an eye shade.

I don't know about everyone else, but I always liked the little perk of a Business Class amenity kit and discovering what was in it.



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No PJs in J. But I heard from a friend that flew with them less than 2 months ago that they got an amenity kit. It's also been confirmed on online forums that this is the case.

Even in F, their kit is just there to say 'look we've put something for you'. Never been a fan of them, although again they added a pillow spray and a tiny roll on (supposed to help you sleep better). Not sure if this is also provided in J.



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No PJs in J with Etihad and you are offered a selection of beauty products before take-off. While this doesn't sound glamorous, it's pragmatic. For example, I don't use lip balm. It seems wasteful for me to take it if I'm not going to use it. 

You get PJs in F and an actual amenity/beauty kit. The men's kit is a cool leather cuff link box. It's pretty decent. Shaving cream, razor, toothbrush and paste, moisturiser and lip balm. 

Despite the PJs being comfortable enough, I much prefer my own. 


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Just flew them last weekend. They do give you an amenity kit in J, which includes KORRES Lip balm, mosturiser, and toothbrush/paste, eye shades, socks and eat plugs. It's nothing exciting but pretty much everything you need. Also I find the small size of the bag quite useful to keep. No PJs thou.

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