When will Jetstar Hong Kong launch (in your opinion)?

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When (o when) will Jetstar Hong Kong launch (in your opinion)? By the time they actually set up a launch date I'll be overjoyed.


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An interesting question. Pending regulatory approval from HK.. Cathy did put in an objection. As with all government processes, this takes time. Hopefully given some HK ownbership it shouldnt be too much longer. I would exepct it wont be before late Jan given Christmas holidays 


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Given you seem to live in HK, I suspect you have a better grasp of the politics up there.

But in my mind that is what it is....

the old British/HK connected Cathay, with its powerful part owner Air China    versus

Qantas, with less powerful parter China Eastern, and the HK/Macau Ho family


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'When' should be replaced with 'if'. Though, I do hope they get approval.


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Don't see it happening for one of two reasons:

1) Internal HK-SAR "associates" network ensures the approval doesn't go ahead;

2) Back home there's a change of management (or the current lot grow some sense) and decide against pissing money up against foreign walls with companies they will have little to no control over. 


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Actually it's a fight between Air China and China Eastern.

As the head of CAAC is former boss of Air China, I don't think it would happen.

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