I have 250,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points but I seem to be unable to buy tickets or upgrades

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I now have 250000 FF points I seem to be unable to use to buy tix or upgrades - website flights disappear once I put in points to be used - if this a way to force me to buy stuff I don't ever want or need - or is it to stop me using them before their 'value' diminishes in january - or because (having been out of country for yrs) my FF status has now reverted to base level. I really want to use up points asap and have flights I could use. being in Perth does not help of course with limited opportunities. So, good travellers, how d I get to use up the FF accumulated points? I am off overseas again and this is perhaps my last chance to use up


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SJP: there's no reason you should not be able to use your Qantas points online. Your status doesn't matter. Maybe you're not using the website properly or have not logged in properly, I think you need to call Qantas and talk to them. PS, why do you think the value of your points will 'diminish' in January?


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I just booked an award in business from LA next November...so I don't think they are trying to force you to buy other things. I am only Silver. Perhaps there is no availability for the dates you are trying - if your travels are taking you somewhere that you can fly Emirates, perhaps that's an option to use up points. 


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if you are having problems booking a rewards flight out off  perth try out off melb or syd and get a connecting flight to it.i would not panic over f/fler points devalueing ,Qantas always gives plenty of notice prior to this happening.good luck


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There are a number of factors that will impact seat availability. You need to try and plan in advance to start with and then there is the time of year as to whether it is peak season or not. You also need a bit of flexibility on dates. I don't have too many issues booking flights on points and usually get seats on the days that I want. Maybe flights out if Perth are tighter due to the number of flights but try different combinations such as one way tickets or multi city searches. 

Good Luck!


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I also recently booked a couple of business tickets to New York and return in first on Emirates without much problem, you just have to keep watching the Qantas website and be flexible with your travel needs as others have written. 

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