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I'm thinking flying JQi domestic SYD-OOL, and was wondering if QF Platinums receive express passes for outbound immigration on JQi?

Also, can anyone speak to the odds of getting two pax in with me into the F lounge @ Sydney T1 for an 8:30am flight on a Saturday?


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You won't need an express pass if you're travelling on the domestic leg of an international flight. The domestic 'D' sticker entitles you to use the Express Path lanes by default, regardless of what airline status you hold.

As for guesting two passengers into the F lounge, that's ultimately up to the mood of the lounge angels on staff.


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Peter is right, good advice. And yes, two guests into the First Class lounge is one more than allowed and will be up to the lounge staff on the day, if they feel like it, if the lounge is crowded, maybe even if they 'like' you. One guest is the rule so anything outside the rules puts you at the 'mercy' of the lounge staff.

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