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Hi all, flying into HKG in 3 weeks just wondering if anyone knows the exact open date of the new QF bus lounge? And which lounge QF have been using in the meantime? Thanks


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QF Bus. lounge is still open... it's the First class lounge that has been shut for renos i beleive.


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Correct. First lounge is closed. QF business lounge not great as it's windowless... if you are flying business, perhaps try the Cathay lounges


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So thoughts would be avoid QF lounge and go straight for CX? We also have forward connections with CX business. Which CX lounge is best?


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Basically all of them, except the ex-Dragonair one.


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Hi Rach24!

The new Qantas Hong Kong lounge won't be open until the end of March according to the most recent arrticles on AusBT, although as others have noted above, the Qantas Business Lounge is still open. But it's not really anything special.

You can also choose from several Cathay Pacific lounges, all of which are better than the QF business lounge. Only one will be off-limits unless you are QFF Platinum and that's The Wing First, the others are available to QFF Gold and Business Class passengers and those are The WIng Business, The Cabin, The Bridge and The Pier Business.

Which one of those you use depends a bit on where your flight is departing from. The Wing Business is up near Gates 1-4 and is great, with a top Noodle Bar and Coffee Loft, I love this lounge!

Further along is The Cabin, very modern design and great catering including juice bar and sandwhiches but it gets VERY busy, very crowded,

Down the far end, basically where the part you catch the shuttle train to, is The Pier and The Bridge. The Pier is the oldest of the lounges, not renovated, I'd give it a miss. The Bridge is the newest and really great, has great food and even a bakery, but only worth visiting if your flight is down that end of the terminal because there's no shuttle train back so you'd have to walk all the way back to the main part of the terminal.


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Thanks al- great advice I'd have no idea which gate my connecting flight is departing from in HKG. But yes the wing business sounds the pick of the bunch, we have a 4 hour lay over so hopefully we get to test out a couple of them..


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All CX lounges are superb. I find picking a lounge near your gate is the best option. HKG is a massive airport and may take a while to get to your gates.

What I do is keep a list of CX lounges on my phone together with the details of the closest gates to help me navigate and choose the best lounge to use.

But if you're flying on QF/BA, I'd imagine thoes flights would leave from gates close to the QF lounge. In which case the closest CX lounge is in fact the KA lounge. Avoid that. Use the Cabin (near Gates 20 - 29, but there are no showers) or the Wing (near Gates 1 - 4, although this is further away).


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Rach24, Al's summary is pretty much spot-on. I would do The Wing Business if you're at that end of the terminal; The Cabin is at Gate 23; The Bridge is down at Gate 35-36, right where you get off the shuttle train to take you down that long stretch of the terminal from near gates 21-22.


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Thanks to you both, I have been wondering exactly where each lounge was now I know..  Hopefully because I am connecting with CX in HKG I will be nearer to the wing which seems to be the best of the best ( from everyone's comments) 

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