Qantas Points Upgrade.

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Qantas Points Upgrade. This weekend I'm flying from Brisbane to Melbourne, using a points upgrade from Semi Flex to Business. A quick question, are you treated differently because you've bought a Semi Flex fare, or are you treated like a full paying business class passenger?


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Never received any different when upgrading compared to a fare paying business or first customer.



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I do not believe that cabin crew even know if you "upgraded" or "real" biz pax. I did upgrade a while ago from Perth to Melbourne and with whole honesty even that upgrade was wasting of valuable points. IMHO Brisbane to Melbourne even more so. YMMV though.


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You will be treated the same as every one else ,remember using points is a form of payment .so go ahead and upgrade and enjoy .you will use the buisness check in and buisiness lounge as well so go early .

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