How many members belong to this forum?

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How many members belong to this forum?


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A bit more than 700. Editors could give u a ,more accurate figure.


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okay. .. so the next question is: How many of the 700 fly economy and how many fly business?


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A lot of business people fly economy, especially in Australia. You'd have to be mad, or have someone else paying the bill, to fly domestic business class unless it's a long trip like SYD-PER and even then it's hard to really justify compared to internaitonal.

I am looking to do a lot more travel to Asia this year for my business, mainly Hong Kong (and then throughto Shenzen) and sometimes Singapore, and I will do as much of that as I can in premium economy or business. The former is when I pay and the latter is when a client pays, or when points I have earned from the client-paid travel get me an upgrade!

But I would not fly economy for a business trip to HK or anywhere further for that matter. Premium economy and business give me the space to work and relax, and I think that's worth paying extra for.


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For my business, if it's a flight over 3 hours, we will give you the upgrade. If under, you have to part with points. The hop from melbourne to sydney is always usually in economy, unless they bump you up at the gate (QFF platinum 1)

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