Would you fly malaysian or cathay on business from adelaide to london?

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What I would do is get a Mid Morning Virgin to Melbourne and join the Cathay Pacific flight there for a decent departure time through to the UK given how bad the CX schedules out of Adelaide when we got nonstop will be a joke.Malaysia Airlines are not even an option for safety reasons and this has nothing to do with the missing plane stories but for the fact I would not fly on any airline that supports Muslims.


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Malaysia Airlines is perfectly safe and rejecting airlines as "not even an option" based on the religion of its countrymen smacks of hatred and intolerance at best.

I would recommend a late morning domestic flight to MEL, connecting through to the afternoon HKG or KUL flight and onwards overnight to LHR; alternatively, take an evening domestic flight to MEL and connect through to the red-eyes to either HKG or KUL, with an order


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*with a morning onward connection to LHR, arriving around lunchtime.


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Really? Religion is an issue? Wow. 


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You'd only really choose MAS if you are looking at J on a budget. Return tix to LHR are sub $6k on some flight days on their Business Promo fares. Cathay are a minimum of $7k?

You'd also only choose MAS is you really like their Satay appetisers! 

You also get the A380 from KUL to LHR, which is a nice cabin overall then the 777 from CX. But you get the less than lie flat seat from ADL.

The Business Lounge at KUL is also dreadful. Their First Lounge is only mildly better.


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Just got off a CX flight in HKG and sitting in The Wing and would have to say definately CX. The product is miles above the rest and HKG lounges are awesome!

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CX without question, taking the stop and smell the roses scheduling.

Fly CX to HKG either direct or overnight via SYD or MEL. Then through immigration and customs and out to the CX arrivals lounge between the terminals to lounge to freshen up, drop carry bags with the left luggage on the ground floor of the terminal, then onto the airport express to spend some time eating in shopping in HK. Back on the aiport express, back through immigration and security, freshen up in the lounge and have a meal, then onto an overnight CX flight to have good sleep and arrive at LHR refreshed and ready to go. Beats worrying about short connections any day.


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Have never flown CX but have flown Business with Malaysian numerous times. Never experienced any problems and will continue to fly with them in the future. Their Business class is excellent value and they have a great frequent flyer program with Enrich (accrue 1.50 points per mile in Business). I must admit however I do not like the A330 out of Adelaide , much preferred the 777's for comfort. The Business class lounge at KLIA is very good. If money is no object then there may be better airlines but there is certainly nothing wrong with Malaysian.

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