Best reward program for flight redemption.

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Best reward program for flight redemption....Asia Miles, Krisflyer or Velocity.

hello all thanks for your help in advance sorry for the long question.

Recently I found that one of my credit cards have approx. 100k points (Citibank). As this is the least used card I never bothered with gaining points for a goal i.e. trip, upgrade, vouchers, material things etc. However this card has recently started getting a lot of use and is expected to continue. Thought I should check the points balance and see what I can redeem (as I know I cannot tie this card to QFF, I can tie it to the above three programs by transferring the points) [I'm only a basic velocity member and the last virgin flight taken was over two years ago] I'm not too interested in gaining status etc from any program mentioned above, I truly feel that these points will go towards one off J seats to anywhere in the pacific/s.e asia (including within Oz) region when points accumulate high enough. I see with asia miles I can redeem QF seats (do not know what kind of availability would be on QF through CX)

taking into account the following

- next to nil interest in status

- open to flying any airline extremely infrequently

- main destinations in mind that I would like to visit/visit again using these points :SIN, HK, KL, Japan, New Zealand (ZQN mainly), Perth

- availability and ease to redeem to these destination in J

- each program will give the same amount of points i.e. 2 Citibank pts to 1 airline pt (so which program has the lowest required points for seat redemption).

what would be the best program to use

and we live in north queensland (but would fly to bne/syd/mel if required out of our own pocket)


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Save up to blow it on SQ Suites.


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Hi Kim,

Always nice to find an unexpected big stash of reward points. As watson374 mentions, probably the most aspirational thing to do is to open a Krisflyer account and transfer them to the account to grab a business or suite class seat. In general their redmeption levels are very reasonable (around 110K miles for return in business from BNE or SYD to Bali or Hong Kong and 155K to Tokyo both in saver award category). They furthermore release quite a lot of seats for awards so you should have no issus snagging the award seat. You might be able to even use VA for the dmestic positioning trip ncluded in the award (need to check with Krisflyer).

Since you do not have sufficient mileage as yet, you could look into opening a new acocunt and crdeditcard which is linked to Krisflyer and in doing so pick up bonus mileage. Need to research which banks offer this (think Westpac for instance or you can go directly to AMEX). Sometimes the credit card fee is a couple of hundred dollars but it is actually a cheap way to accumulate the mileage for your prized award seat.

Good luck!

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