New Qantas Lounge HK or Cathay The Wing ?

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New Qantas Lounge HK or Cathay The Wing ?

I am travelling to Hong Kong next week, on Qantas 97 / 98 to from BNE in economy and will be my first trip there since making Platinum. Which lounge should I use on departure from HK, the new Qantas Lounge or Cathay's The Wing (or is there an even better choice e.g. Emirates lounge etc?). Thanks for your opinions.

I have been in the hopelessly inadequate BNE Qantas First Lounge before, so I already know not to get my hopes up there :)


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I'd choose Qantas for the seemingly fancier lounge, but I prefer the Bridge in terms of sexy looks, which Emerald can also enter.



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I think the updated Cathay First lounge would be the better choice, great menu and drinks selection plus larger shower facilities.


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Since you're Platinum, I suggest you head in a little earlier than you otherwise would, and go lounge-hopping. You might want to start with a shower at The Wing, then have noodles at another CX lounge, try the Qantas lounge dim sum, etc. etc. until you find the one that you really like.


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Agree with watson374.  Get there earlier than usual and try the ala carte dining at The Wing and, time & availability permitting a shower in a Cabanna room.  After that go for a stroll into the QF lounge.



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I would agree with above- lounge hopping in HKG is the way to go, but have not done new QF, so looking forward to that. Bolt on question: how early can you check in? Or is their a way to give you more than the normal three hours?

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