When does Qantas advise of successful upgrade requests?

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Good morning. I am due to fly QF107 SYD-JFK in premium ecomony. I have requested an upgrade with QFF points (gold status). Does anyone know when I am likely to find out aboutthe upgrade, if I get it will I acrew business status credits, and does anyone knowaboit the upgrade atthe airport option? Will I be more likely to only get upgraded at the airport since I ticked that box? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


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A gold FF is most likely to find out around 24 hours before your flight. You will not accrue business class status credits. 


Upgrade at the aiport option allows your upgrade to be confrimed right up until you board your flight. this is so the cabins can be filled if there are missed connections. 

Please see the Qantas webiste (link below) for further info. Hopefully the upgrade comes through for you.




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It will depend totally on the load on QF107 on the day of travel.If the load is light a week out you will probably get it at the time you request it or soon after.That said if its a pretty fully flight you may have to wait to 3 days before when load control gets from yield management.Upon load controls editing of the flight and even so, if the flight is full you may have to wait to here about the upgrade as late as in the lounge.Your status will help you in the pecking order.Flights into and out of LA use to have a large no show factor in the premium cabins due to the large volume of corperatr travellers.Good luck with it.


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Have you read the information available on the QF web site?

You will earn points and Status credits for the fare class you originally purchased.

Your request for an international Flight Upgrade Award will be considered in accordance with the following timetable:

  • Platinum One Frequent Flyers, from 7 days prior to the scheduled flight departure;
  • Platinum Frequent Flyers, from 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure; and
  • Other Frequent Flyers, within 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure.

International Flight Upgrade Award requests are always prioritised according to your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership level: Platinum first, followed by Gold, Silver and then Bronze.

Qantas is committed to providing international Flight Upgrade Awards wherever we can. In some cases an upgrade may become available on your flight at the last minute due to cancellations, no-shows or missed connections. To increase your chances of obtaining your upgrade we have introduced an additional process where your request can be further considered at the airport. To be eligible for this process you will need to opt-in to 'upgrade at the airport' when you register for a Flight Upgrade Award.

Before opting-in to be eligible for an upgrade up to the gate, please note:

  • For upgrades at the airport, if you are travelling continuously on a flight that stops in one or more ports (with the same flight number), you will only be eligible for an upgrade on the last leg and only if that last leg has a flying time longer than three hours. Points will only be deducted for the portion of your flight that was upgraded.
  • Upgrades at the airport will only be awarded for bookings containing one passenger.
  • If you are unable to accept all of these conditions, then you should not opt-in to be eligible for an upgrade up to the gate when you register for an international Flight Upgrade Award.
  • Flight Upgrade Awards are subject to capacity controls and availability (which is limited).
  • If your upgrade is confirmed at the airport, you may not be able to use some of the benefits that you receive with the upgrade such as your additional baggage allowance (or lounge access if your upgrade is confirmed at the gate).
  • An upgrade at the airport requires the same amount of points as an upgrade prior to arrival at the airport regardless of whether or not you are able to use some of the benefits that you receive with the upgrade such as additional baggage allowance and lounge access.
  • If a request for an upgrade at the airport is successful, it cannot be refused. You will be required to travel in the upgrade cabin in the seat you have been allocated. This is because the upgrade may be awarded as your flight is due to depart and airport staff will not be able to re-seat you on the aircraft.


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Hi loz-alt,

As per eminere's comments. For international upgrade request, the time in which Qantas will consider the processing of upgrades will depend on your frequent flyer status. As you are Gold status, you upgrade request will be considered within 24 hours of departure (as does Silver and Bronze FF; however Gold FF's are given first consideration ahead Silver and Bronze tiers). Depending on whether you have provided Qantas with your mobile number and have indicated that you wish to be notified if your upgrade request is successful, they will usually send an SMS notifying you of your confirmed upgrade. Although when I'm overseas coming back to Australia, I don't always receive this SMS, although you can always login on the Qantas website to 'Manage my bookings' to confirm anyway.

I have always indicated that I am available for upgrade at the airport when travelling solo (you can't use this option if you have booked with other people), however I have been lucky enough to be upgraded prior to arriving at the airport.

You will be given status credits based on your premium economy fare paid (i.e. premium economy status credits, not business).


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I didn't get mine till at the airport.. You can always check 'my bookings'

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