Not actually a question, but I asked for a quote from LowBusinessfares.

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Not actually a question, but I asked for a quote from and received a pretty good quote, but it had this disclaimer. - "This low fare ticket that we are offering you is an award ticket. We will use our frequent flier airline miles and issue this ticket. With award tickets you will not earn miles/elite points/elite status/etc. Please let us know if you would like to trade any Frequent Flier Airline miles that you have for a further discount. Discount will vary depending on the type of frequent flier mileage account and the number of miles you have". Has anyone used these guys? Is this normal practice?


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Sounds much like the approach taken by other irreputable companies such as Skylux and AlphaFlightGuru. I would personally avoid any transaction with them...


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You could be left standing at the airport as you cannot trade or sell air points to a third party.stay clear off these deals.if it seams to good to be true !! It normally is just that.



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There was long thread about guys like them:


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Oh, that thread of yours was brilliant.


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Something worth noting. Even if you see advertisements of such low business/first class fares on this website, please ignore it. As indicated above by other respondents, these are dodgy businesses which may leave you out of pocket. 


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I have just received a quote from for a European trip.  They said they would send the etickets within 72 hours and then invoice me.  Am awaiting tiockets but will check airlines before payment.
Any thoughts on this?



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I have used Lowbusinessclass fares and found they were fantastic.  No trouble at all.  I was a bit scared at first but  I asked for references which they readily gave me.  I also spoke to the manager of the company because they could tell I was scared.  I paid with PayPal which is 100% money back guaranteed.  And I will always use them when I travel.  Me and my husband were also upgraded to first class on one leg of our journey.  Best company ever!


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Low Business Fares is a Scam!

This is my first post and it is not a good one.  It looks like i’ve been defrauded out of my money.  Don’t fall for the same scam.

 I came online and found this forum as I am about to initiate legal proceedings against Low Business Fares and am gathering information.  Their website is:

 In short:


-Purchased $5,500 AUD business class tickets last month (one way Brisbane – Frankfurt for myself and Frankfurt – Sydney for myself and daughter).


-Changed dates of Brisbane – Frankfurt journey with Low Business Fares.  $500 balance in my favour, still chasing them for refund (this is now much less concerning than what follows).



-Daughter and I Arrived at Frankfurt Airport Aug 5th to discover there were “no seats available” for my daughter.


-Called the Low Business Fares agent Simran several times from the airport to rectify the situation.  Was assured by her everything would be taken care of for our soon to be departing journey.


 -Denied check in by Ethiad Air at Frankfurt as we were informed that "American Airlines have cancelled your daughter’s ticket”.


-Ethidad informed us I could not transfer my ticket to my daughter and the only ticket that could be made available would cost me $9,700 AUD. I actually had to pay it to get her home!


-repeatedly advised by Simran and her manager James that they will take care of it but they need to confirm with the airline what happened.  No promise of any type of refund as of yet - and the process will day "a few days" which has turned into "a week" which has turned into " a few weeks". It is now well past a few weeks.  They’ve stopped returning my calls and emails. To date nothing has been refunded and I am out of pocket over $10,000


-I am not making any defamatory comments - everything I have posted is fact which I can verify via emails and the various calls to their dodgy office in India which has been an added hassle to try and sort out this nightmare.


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My partner and I purchased flight from Sydney to London then Milan to Sydney via a stop over in Singapore. We booked with low business fares as friends of ours did the same last year with no problem. We had a good flight to London (this was Singapore Airlines) Then when I checked up in Italy having already booked our seats I was told the tickets had been cancelled by the airline and they were quoting a different name to ours. Got in touch with low business fares eventually got a ticket Zagreb – Singapore – Brisbane (seriously!) but by that time had already had to cancel several hotels in Italy and pay to get to Croatia and from Brisbane – Sydney out of pocket!!!  I am now trying to get some sort of restitution from them and also our mileage that we gave them. NEVER NEVER AGAIN. I don,t think it is worth the aggravation so be very aware.

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